What my clients say:

“Brilliant work at an affordable price. I’m delighted with the copy, Lee, and look forward to using White Horse Copywriting on future projects.”
David Grooms, HMA Solutions, East Sussex

“Lee’s command of the English language is second to none. White Horse Copywriting manages to make even the most boring subjects come alive!”
Elaine Wildash, Web Dandy, Kent

“White Horse Copywriting did the copywriting for the Klaus Kobec newsletter, which goes out to 7000 customers. The finished content was punchy, to the point, and very usable. I will not hesitate to use this service again.”
James Saidman, KLAUS KOBEC, London

“Thanks so much for the excellent copy, Lee. I found White Horse Copywriting to be flexible, very easy to work with, and there was absolutely no fuss. I would recommend White Horse Copywriting to anyone looking for professional SEO copywriting of the highest quality. In fact, I already have!”
Sallie Belton, Suit the City, Buckinghamshire

“White Horse Copywriting’s services are not only expedient, but accurate to a detail when given a limited brief. We found a particular piece being generically beneficial for both an email marketing campaign and as a PR release for BBC documentary research, without needing a rework.”
Steve Drury, Web-Aviso, Essex

“Lee is courteous and professional at all times. White Horse Copywriting meets deadlines in a timely fashion and can be relied upon to get the job done.”
Martyn Fewtrell, TNC (IT Solutions) Ltd, Devon

“Lee, I’m so impressed with the copywriting you’ve done for our data retrieval campaign that I’ve already sent the entire project up to Head Office with a view to KallKwik taking your ideas nationwide. I’m sure they’ll love White Horse Copywriting’s work as much as I do.”
John Halliday, KallKwik, East Sussex

“The reason I always use White Horse Copywriting is because I know I can send them a job with one hundred per cent confidence that Lee will get it right, and, equally importantly, on time and within budget. I would recommend White Horse Copywriting’s services to anyone; and, believe me, I do.”
Richard Kacerek, Empire Elements, Hampshire

“Thanks so much for the great letter and flyers, Lee. White Horse Copywriting has given me excellent service, interesting copy with stunning content and very quickly turned around.”
Matthew Fitzmaurice, Accuma Assist, London

“After deciding to add some extra spark to our website landing page we took up Lee’s offer of a complete re- write. White Horse Copywriting came back to us with a finished product in no time.”
Callum Golding, SoftGold IT Support, East Sussex

“We gave White Horse Copywriting the task of rewriting our Family page on our website. We gave Lee a brief outline of what was required. He rose to this challenge and presented the facts in a positive way. He did this promptly and effectively and it has given us a good base to expand from this for a brochure.”
Gill Hynard, Morrisons Solicitors, West Sussex