Writing strong headlines

Headlines posed as questions (rather than statements) definitely grabreaders:

We are counting on you

Can we count on you?

Or how about:

Without you, I wouldn’t have survived

Without you, how would I have survived?

Another example:

How would you feel if your pet went missing?

And for other target audiences:

 Do you hate your job?

What’s your favourite colour?

How much do you love your car?

Could you do with a few days away?

Don’t you think these kids deserve a day out just ONCE?

To emphasise the importance of the letter’s content, always centre the headline and make it big and bold. And try to inject urgency, so that the reader absolutely has to read on.

<h1> Why Every Office Needs a Water Cooler </h1>

To become instead:

<h1> Why a Water Cooler is a Workplace ESSENTIAL</h1>

Quick tip: To strengthen SEO even further, placing the client-provided main keyword as early as possible in a headline is always a good idea.

<h1> How a Water Cooler Could Boost Your Business</h1>