Handheld Scanners. Invaluable.

How many packages and parcels are delivered each day to addresses across Britain? A mind-boggling amount. And with consumers increasingly preferring to make their purchases online, shipping numbers are set to grow even more in the years ahead. That makes it essential for businesses to work to maximum efficiency when it comes to shipping goods. Handheld scanners play a key role in ensuring that goods are sent to the correct address, and tracked easily, every time.

Keeping a close eye on consignments
We’ve all seen handheld scanners. They’re everywhere. In fact it’s hard to imagine the world before their creation. Years ago did we really simply rely upon a trusty clipboard and pen, to ensure that stocktaking and shipping was all carried out efficiently and accurately? Yes, we did. Everything changed with the arrival of the flatbed scanner (an improvement, but a bit on the cumbersome side, weren’t they?). Then, thanks to the Digital Age’s advent, scanning of consignments for delivery came on in leaps and bounds with the digitalisation of mailing labels and related documents, making the whole shipping process so much faster and easier.

Speedy charging, and with hours of device usage. Ideal.
Distortion-free scanning allows for crystal clear recording and sending of information literally in a second (sometimes, even a nanosecond), using a modern handheld scanner that can be cordless for extra convenience and speed of scanning and which can remain usable for an entire eight-hour shift, or even longer, after being charged up just once and in next to no time.

Keeping promises
In business, reputation is everything. Making a name for yourself as an online business or package delivery company that can be 100 per cent relied upon to provide an efficient service hinges, for the most past, upon consistency. Handheld scanners are a vital tool when it comes to upholding your name as a reliable business that literally delivers the goods perfectly, all year round.

Handheld scanners. Key details:

  • They’re designed to read 1D and 2D barcodes
  • They can capture key info in an instant as a beam of light passes across the barcode
  • Light energy is converted into electrical energy
  • Decoded info is then forwarded to a company computer, or a network of them
  • This stored data is sent to relevant parties
  • Tracking and tracing is virtually effortless

Scanning is easy to learn, meaning that mastering handheld scanners requires no time-consuming intensive training. At every stage in the supply chain a consignment’s barcode can be scanned, informing senders and awaiting recipients of the progress of a shipped order. What’s more, handheld scanners are cheap to run, not astronomical to buy, and they’re tough: thanks to drop-resistant housing, an accidentally dropped scanner shouldn’t need repairing. Even if released from a distance of six feet onto concrete, a scanner should still work fine, meaning little or no interruption to operations.

Protecting your reputation
These days, it’s so easy for customers to post an online review. If packages are delivered late, with the wrong content, in the wrong quantities, or sent to the wrong address, the word soon gets around. Hand-held scanners can help businesses protect themselves from all those potential problems. Around the world, scanners help enormously when it comes to service providers maintaining their reputation for efficiency. Also, being able to track packages makes customers feel cared about and included in the whole delivery process, which can only lead to one thing: repeat business.