Customer-focused copywriting – how it’s done

With copywriting, that famous old marketing rule: ‘Benefits NOT Features’ still holds true.

Compare these two lines:

Line 1: Our sofas are made using only the finest Italian leather.

Line 2: Because our sofas are made using only the finest Italian leather, you can enjoy sophisticated comfort for years to come.

This second line is customer-focused writing. It focuses upon what the customer will actually experience [as a benefit of buying the sofa], whereas the first line basically just brags.

With a lawnmower company’s website, this is how we could apply this approach:

Majestic Lawnmowers offer stunning performance, time after time.

To become instead:

Thanks to Majestic Lawnmowers’ stunning performance, your garden will always be a beautiful place to come back to and relax in after a hard day’s work.

This ‘scene setting’ second line conjures images in the customer’s mind; they are already picturing and feeling the benefits of buying from Majestic, rather than taking their custom elsewhere. Why? Because the Majestic site has taken the time to explain how their lives can be made so much better: their emotional needs are being thought about and addressed.

Think like a pharmacist (or even a copywriting doctor!): When selling a product or service, ask yourself: “Where’s the pain?” and then craft copy towards healing that pain, so to speak! Think: “Look, we completely understand the problems you must be having (spell these out), and so are pleased to offer you all these solutions …”

A customer-focused Home page example, for future reference: Below is an example of a customer-focused page, aimed at domestic customers primarily, that talks about and asks questions of the reader from the start. When I wrote it my objective was to draw readers in and hold their attention throughout, using a combination of:

  • A BIG headline
  • Posed questions
  • Bullet points placed very early on (to give readers key points/benefits as soon as possible)

I also talk about the problem, and then offer a solution straightaway (a sure-fire way to engage a target audience immediately!):



Majestic LawnmowersQuality Lawnmowers and Gardening Tools

Would you like to spend more time relaxing on your lawn than working on it?

Investing in a Majestic Lawnmower means you can.

Majestic makes mowing the lawn less of a yawn

Majestic lawnmowers are precision engineered, which means:

  • They are easy to operate
  • They run smoothly, and
  • You get a clean cut every time

Imagine that. What’s more, all our lawnmowers (and garden tools) come with a 12 month warranty.

Save time. Save money (and save your back!)

Whether you are a home-owner or a gardening professional, choosing from the Majestic range means you’re not just buying a lawnmower, you’re making an investment: in money and in time.

Mowing the lawn will be quick and easy – a pleasure instead of a chore.

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