Cool under pressure – UK mechanics

On sweltering days road accidents and breakdowns can increase, leading to haulage garages becoming busier. Typically, mechanics will feel under intensifying pressure, while management will be keen to maximise profits. Ensuring workers can perform to the best of their ability – by operating in a comfortably cool environment – is in every workshop manager’s interest; yet in summer’s hottest weeks it can be surprising how many neglect to take advantage of portable air conditioning hire (aka ‘cooler hire’).

Fixed air con can often lack capacity

Fixed air con systems at garages are prone to breaking down at the most inconvenient times. Also, existing air con supply can be poor, because the system is old or simply lacks the capacity to generate enough cool air when the temperature rises dramatically. Hiring mobile units from a specialist can be the ideal solution to these problems. What’s more, air con rental is quick, affordable and hassle-free.

Coolers for all sizes of workshop

In July, August and early September, garages and workshops will inevitably become hot and humid, creating an uncomfortable working environment. That can impact negatively upon product and staff safety.  Mobile coolers available from rental specialists are designed to lower the temperature fast and ensure it stays where fleet workshop managers need it, no matter how big the space requiring cool air, or what the weather is doing.

At their depots across the country, hire specialists will have a large and comprehensive range of coolers. That means clients in the transportation industry can choose the safest and most effective cooler for their specific location, with same-day delivery coming as standard.

Why hiring is better than buying

Portable coolers are energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and can be:

  • Used immediately
  • Easily stored
  • Rented on a short contract basis
  • The perfect stop-gap between the removal of an existing (fixed) air con system at a garage, and the installation of a new one, and
  • Added to a fitted air con solution when extra cooling is required

Finally, portable cooling machines can be hired during planned servicing or maintenance work to a fixed air con system at a transportation company’s workshop.