1) Logistics Skills Course (Stonebridge College) – 2016 – DISTINCTION

By the end of this course I was able to:

  • define logistics
  • explain how logistics works in a factory, from goods in to distribution out
  • identify the problems involved in stock holding and control
  • understand just-in-time (JIT) approaches
  • understand the role played by distribution
  • identify key performance measures and the role of benchmarking in logistics
  • appreciate that logistics strategy is linked to an organisation’s corporate strategy

2) Operations Management Course (Stonebridge College) – 2016 – DISTINCTION

By the end of this course I was able to:

  •  outline the scope of operations using different definitions
  • apply the transformational model of operations to a range of service and manufacturing industries
  • apply the concept of addin value to operations
  • describe the different activities within operations and the interaction between them explain the five key features of operations
  • describe some design features in operations
  • define what quality means from a business perspective

3) Transport Management Level 3 Course (Stonebridge College) – 2016 – DISTINCTION

By the end of this course I had gained an understanding of:

  • the economic principles, functions and advantages of transport
  • the efficient use of transport
  • the qualities of efficient transport services
  • roads, traffic and road transport
  • rail transport


1) Diploma in Copywriting (Inst.CW) – 2007

On this course I learned about copywriting for Web and print (brochures, leaflets, flyers, ads, press releases, writing tag lines, product naming, and more…).

2) Diploma in Writing for the Web (Inst.CW) – 2009

On this course I learned specifically about writing for the Internet: SEO copywriting, blogging, optimised article writing, writing entire multi-page websites, e-commerce website writing, product description writing and more.

3) Breakthrough Copywriting, Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy – 2015

On this course I learned Advanced copywriting techniques.

How to:

  • Focus on your reader so they do what you want
  • Create powerful plans that save you time and effort
  • Structure your copy for maximum impact
  • Identify and modify tone of voice using simple tricks
  • Write persuasive copy in Plain English
  • Bend or break the “rules” to achieve different effects
  • Craft compelling headlines that draw your reader into your body copy
  • Master insider tricks for keeping readers hooked and hungry
  • Improve your copy through sharper editing and checking
  • Use specific disciplines to write effective web copy


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