Hello and welcome.

I’m Lee Lillie. As a qualified and experienced Logistics Copywriter, I’ve successfully completed numerous writing projects for UK and American companies in the Industrial Sector, with several of my commissioned articles being published in leading magazines, including:

Materials Handling & Logistics Magazine
The Energyst Magazine
MAGNET Magazine
Grape Press Magazine
Limpiezas Magazine

I write the words for articles, websites, blogs, brochures, press releases and newsletters, as well as e-shots, sales letters and editorials. As a proofreader, I correct spelling mistakes and bad grammar.

I specialise in article writing, web copy, and SEO copywriting (be found on Google!), as well as copy for print. I also offer professional copywriting training.

Industrial Sector companies I’ve written projects for include:

Clugston Distribution
Andrews Sykes
Tech Ltd
Harvard Engineering
Fantum (Oil & Gas)

Being based in Oxfordshire (UK), I’m optimally situated, from a logistics viewpoint, in the heart of England.

Passionate about ‘all things Logistics’!

I’m fascinated by:

  • Supply Chain System Design & Management
  • Market Distribution in Supply Chain
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Logistics in Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Strategy & Operations
  • Planning & Sourcing Operations
  • Purchasing/Procurement Operations
  • Using Information Technology
  • Warehousing & Materials Handling

As well as:

  • Inventory Management
  • Production, Planning and Control
  • Manufacturing & Delivery Operations
  • Transport Management & Freight (By Road & Sea)
  • Ports & Shipping
  • International Trade & Freight
  • Measuring Performance & Demand
  • Policies and Procedures

What can I write for you?

Get in touch and we can have a conversation about your copywriting needs.