About drone deliveries

To compete, logistics and supply chain professionals must always keep their finger on the pulse of industry developments; being aware of emerging technology; and moving with the times, as trends change. Being drone delivery savvy is becoming essential. OK, drone delivery may seem like a new phenomenon now, but, surely, it won’t be long before drones are all the rage for UK businesses (and those overseas) determined to improve consignment lead times?

An effective delivery option
Could drones’ emergence be a game-changer, spelling the end of truck deliveries as we know them? Should countless delivery drivers across the country be looking to retrain, as use for their driving skills becomes increasingly under threat from drones? Well, it’s a bit early yet for haulage companies and their staff to panic.

In reality, there should still be demand for road deliveries for a long time to come. What delivery firms must do, though, is recognise the importance of using drones, rather than dismissing them as a passing phase, a flash in the pan.

Drones are here and they’re here to stay. Every delivery company, and indeed businesses online and offline that sell and ship goods, need to acquaint themselves as soon as possible with all that drones can offer, how they work, and how they can be best employed as an effective and reliable delivery option.

Delays reduced to zero
With no detours, traffic jams, or railway crossings, and no traffic lights, tunnels, herded cattle on the roadways, or other obstacles getting in the way, a drone gets from A to B quickly and without delays. That in itself already makes traditional modes of transporting goods seem positively outdated, doesn’t it? But, hang on. Drones may seem great, but they’re still far from perfect.

Despite overcoming numerous potential transportation adversary issues (that can have a considerable impact upon delivery lead time) drones can’t stay in the air for hours. Not yet. That means their range is going to be limited for the time being. They’re ideal for short runs with, say, a thirty-minute delivery target, but for long haul deliveries, the trusty delivery van or lorry remains king. For now!