A copywriting buyer’s guide



Get the key information you need to make smart decisions.

Every business needs to market itself. But many businesses could use some help when deciding which professional freelance copywriter to work with.

The following key points are intended to help you with that decision process, and could save you time and money. 

DO choose a copywriter who… DON’T choose a copywriter who…
Is fully trained and qualified Has no formal copywriting training.
Has at least five years’ experience –a proven track-record. Has not been continuously trading as a busy self-employed freelancer for several years.
Works as a full-time freelancer. Works part-time (and “dabbles” occasionally).
Has a wide-ranging portfolio of work samples to show you, and plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers. Cannot provide you with names and numbers  of clients they have (supposedly!) written for.
Charges by the project (not by the hour). Claims to offer an “overnight” writing service  – this usually means that the writing will be plagiarised from somewhere else.

Be a smart buyer!

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