Deliveries after dark

Working overnight. It has to be done, if you want to compete with other leading parcel delivery companies out there. Deliveries after dark involves more than driving, of course. Much more. There’s pallet loading to be handled properly, for a start. In fact, that’s not the start at all. What about picking and packing, labelling, scanning, cross-checking and forwarding to Dispatch?

With all this, it’s understandable that depot managers across the UK often feel under immense pressure. But asking evening shift staff to “work through ’till morning” to get all consignments sent off before dawn should be avoided as far as possible, if your night-time parcel delivery service is to be successful.

Moonlighters must be weeded out
Night-shift work naturally draws people who are night-owls by nature: men and women who simply prefer to earn a wage toiling through the small hours, while the rest of us are nicely tucked up in bed. They’re usually good day-sleepers, meaning that they arrive for work well-rested, keen to get stuck in. They’re also less likely to make mistakes: potentially expensive errors.

One problem so many carriers have is finding such staff. Those who take on night work as an extra moonlighting gig invariably fail to remain focused for the entire shift; saving themselves for the day job. This is usually depot staff, not drivers.

Speed, efficiency and reliability
With some carriers’ dedicated fleets often covering over 80,000 miles in a single shift, it’s essential that depot staff are equally alert and committed to getting the job done right — speed, efficiency and reliability are what all carriers’ reputations rest upon after all.

And don’t forget, often, overnight delivery isn’t ‘just’ about boxes being loaded onto pallets and then sent on their way; sometimes, hazardous materials are being sent from one end of the country to another, meaning that everyone involved in the loading and transporting of such consignments needs to be wide awake, through being sufficiently rested.