Pallet wrapping essentials

Shrink wrap. It’s the best way to keep boxes bound together tightly and securely on a pallet base. To prepare goods for distribution, low density plastic is swathed around the load using a pallet-wrapping machine, protecting carton contents from damage, the elements and thieves. Staff are also better protected.

If you’re a business owner worried about goods tampering, pallet wrapping can be the answer. But it’s essential to also ensure that your wrapping machinery is always well maintained.

Typical problems

If your wrapping machine breaks down your operational procedures could experience disruption and delays. Typical issues include turntable, carriage and brake problems. Sometimes, machine height sensors can inexplicably stop working, usually at the most inconvenient times. The last thing you need during busy periods is for your pallet preparation and loading stages to come to a frustrating halt. Even a very short stoppage of operations can result in a mounting backlog of loads, making it essential that your wrapping machine is fixed asap.

Smart business owners forge a link with a proven and reliable machine service and maintenance company local to them, or one with depots strategically situated around the country.

On-site repairs

The longer your wrapped goods remain static, the greater the risk of damage. You don’t want the contents spoiling or perishing during the delay; having a warehouse/distribution centre full of unsalable goods is every company’s nightmare, after all. Avoid that by having an expert wrapping machine repair team arrive within hours. They’ll soon get to work, setting about mending the equipment efficiently and quickly. To allow for the temporary setbacks, you’ll probably need to adjust your transportation planning, to avoid late deliveries. Where mechanical or electronic faults can only be repaired in a workshop, that will lengthen delays of course, but most repair jobs can be done on site.

Manual and automated models

To avoid any machine breakdowns at all, scheduling regular services can be the solution. Yes, that will cost money, but you can also take on new contracts and accept increasingly bigger orders, feeling confident that your machinery will never let you down. Crucially, it will provide you with something priceless: pallet wrapping peace of mind.