Obstacle to growth REMOVED


What’s that? You want to expand as a business, but haven’t got the space. Don’t let that hold you back. Consider renting temporary storage room at your business premises. Sure, it’s not ideal but it’ll allow you to develop as you want to, something that so many businesses across the Midlands are finding difficult to achieve given the sheer lack of available warehousing and industrial space in the region.

‘Going temporary’ could prove the catalyst to greater change later. Surveys reveal that one in five businesses in the East and West Midlands have hit a wall: they have the personnel, product ideas, strategy and funding in place to go forward as a company, but without the additional space they need to make it all happen, they’re in limbo. BIG TIME.

Is this you?

If so – and you’re in warehousing, manufacturing, distribution or freight – perhaps it’s time to seriously think about investing in a temporary structure at your premises until your profit margin has grown to the extent that you can afford to relocate to a bigger site overall. Better to think temporary and save your pennies towards making a substantial change later on, than make a huge outlay on the building of a new permanent structure at your location now, that simply isn’t the right option for where you want to go in the long-term.

A wonderfully cost-effective QUICK solution

Don’t be put off by the thought that a temporary structure might be a bit flimsy, basic and dated in design and structure. Au contraire! These days, temporary buildings for storage can give your site an upgrade in look (get an ultra-modern facility at an affordable price) as well as being an incredibly handy extension to your existing building. What’s more – unlike when seeking planning permission for a permanent building – temporary ones can be pretty much approved, delivered, constructed and up-and-running in less than a week.

Ideal if you’re at an interim stage of growth

Easy to install temporary structures come in all shapes and sizes and can be erected close to production facilities – have yours positioned next to your assembly line, so that there’s no interruption to productivity due to storage running out at vital times. You’re not limited to a choice of predesigned temporary structures either – get something bespoke for your business, a short-term solution that can mean no delays or stoppages whatsoever to normal operations.