Super-cool health & safety – who’d have thought it?

Is the hard hat dead? Possibly. Why? Because now there’s a new type of protective headwear on the block, and it’s proving immensely popular with warehousing and distribution workers everywhere. Introducing the HardCap™ AeroLite™ from JSP. Snazzy or what?!

Workers can’t wait to put these on

So, what’s all the fuss about? What’s the difference between a hard hat and hard cap? Well, the look, for one. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if people feel good in provided workplace apparel, they’ll be much more likely to respond positively.

Despite the huge strides forward in workplace Health & Safety over the past decade or so in the UK (across much of the world, in fact), hospital A&E departments around the country still tend to hundreds of head injuries every year – wounds sustained either in the workplace (factory, warehouse, distribution centre…) or when driving: delivering material or packages to waiting clients.

At hospitals, often it’s not the blow to the head that requires treatment (where a wound needs tending to, stitches put in etc.) but the after-effect of the blow to the head, namely concussion, blurred vision, blinding headaches and such like, which can result in further workplace injury-related accidents occurring.

Complying with strict rules

All this makes it essential for companies and organisations to ensure adequate head protection is provided for employees, and that there are strict rules in place about wearing hats, caps or other types of protective headwear on site or when out on the road performing a work-related task.

Worryingly, with a head injury, symptoms may not be apparent immediately, taking hours or even days to manifest.

Life-saving headwear

Adding a second protective shell around the brain can be life-saving, meaning it’s vital that workers prioritise protection over looking good on the job. This is rarely a problem in occupations such as fire fighting, police work, construction, dock loading work, and professional sports, but at warehouse and distribution centre sites, for example, workers are often allowed to dress casually, (and, in some workplaces, even to listen to music through headphones during their shift!), and provided safety wear can all too often be ignored or taken off, leaving staff members vulnerable.

One solution is to invest in protective headgear that employees will feel good (and look forward to) wearing, and nothing exemplifies this better than The HardCap™ AeroLite™ from JSP – the lightest, best performing, full shell Bump Cap on the market, weighing less than 135g.

Got yours yet?