Logistics Copywriting – How to brief a freelance copywriter

When giving a project brief to a professional copywriter you need to provide as much information as possible, but without the process being too time-consuming for you!

Most copywriters will ask you to complete a client briefing form (aka Project Planner). Here’s an example:



Taking the time to complete this tailored project planner in detail will help give you greater success.

The planner is used to inform me of your business products and services. It also asks questions that can assist in the development of your copywriting requirements both now and in the long term.

I take the time to review your planner and company information to be better informed about you – to help ensure that your copywriting is as relevant,accurate and effective as possible.

Client contact details:

  1. Date brief taken:
  2. Company address:
  3. Phone number:
  4. E-mail address:
  5. Website address:
  6. Full name of person at the company commissioning the copywriting:
  7. Position within the company:

1.What services does your company offer, and when was it founded?

2. What are the benefits to the customer of turning to a company like yours for the services you offer, rather than them going for a cheap and cheerful, almost DIY, option?

3. What do you want me to write for you? (Web pages? Articles? A brochure?)

4. What is the job’s aim? What don’t you like about your current writing? And what are the key issues your company is facing (that you hope your requested copywriting will help you to address)?

5. If this job is a website, please list the pages requiring copy and, if possible, the specific SEO keywords/phrases to be included on each page:

6. Who is the target audience for the writing? What fears or worries do they usually have? What are they most commonly looking for?

7. How many words per page are required?

8. Writing style/tone required (i.e. formal, chatty)?

9. USP – What sets you apart from your competitors? Why choose you?

10. Who are your three main competitors? Please include their website addresses:

11. After reading your copy, what is the specific action you wish the reader to take?

12. Desired deadline for first draft?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this project planner.

Please return it to me by e-mail at: lee@logistics-copywriter.co.uk


With the Project Planner completed and returned to the copywriter, you can then get on with other things while you await the copywriter’s quote.